Wholesale Lot 25/50 Yard Bird Print Dress Making Cotton Fabric



Item –  25/50 Meter Hand Screen Printed Fabric

Width – Up to 45″ Inch

Fabric – 100% Cotton

Colors – Natural Vegetable Dye


* We Have 50 meter to sell and Possible More Upon Request, Email us If Required More/ Different Length. 

* If You Buy 25 Yard Fabric You Will Receive 5 Yard Each Assorted Fabric.

* If You Buy 50 Yard Fabric You Will Receive 10 Yard Each Assorted Fabric.

The beautiful art of block Printing employs wooden or metal blocks to print designs and patterns on fabric, by hand. What makes block Printing unique is that the design has to be created by the artist before the Printing begins. It is carved onto the block by hand. The carved block is dipped into the required color,

Fabric Width : Up to 45 Inches  (1.1 Meters)

 Fabric : Light Weight

 Cotton Thread count : 60 x 60

 Quality : 92 x 88 ( best quality)

Additional information

25 Yard, 50 Yard

Suitable For

Apparel – Bathing Suits,
Accessories – Bags/Purses, Accessories – Gloves/Mittens,
Accessories – Hats, Apparel – Blazer/Suits,
Apparel – Coat/Jacket,
Apparel – Dance/Sportswear,
Apparel – Dress, Apparel – Everyday Clothing,
Apparel – Lounge wear, Apparel – Sari